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No Conflicts of Interest

At Integrity Real Estate Group we have an unwavering core value to always act in the best interest of our clients by never entering into situations or transactions that create conflicts of interest.

In the practice of real estate in Virginia there can be many types of Conflicts of Interest, both inherent and created.  These are our policies:

  • Agency Representation:  When we work for you we work only for you.  Virginia State Law requires that all licensed real estate agents disclose who they represent in real estate transactions. We believe every client deserves their own representation in each real estate transaction, and therefore our agents represent only one party in a transaction. 

We do not practice single-agent Dual Agency, where one Agent represents both buyer and seller in a transaction.  In our opinion this creates unavoidable conflict of interest and is never in the client’s best interest.

  • Financing:  We are dedicated to insuring that our clients obtain the best possible financing and rates for their specific circumstances.  There are many avenues for buyers to obtain financing today, from internet lenders to “affinity” group relationship referrals, to buyer agents who require clients to use their own in-house, company-owned lenders. 

Many of these routes to financing approval will not result in the best rates or best financing options for you, and will not place you in a “position of power” when placing an offer to purchase a home in a competitive situation. Do not be mislead by offers of “money back,” at settlement or other options that seem too good to be true, even if you have an existing relationship with a lender – get the facts first to insure you are really getting the best deal for you.

  • Contract Negotiations:  We are passionate about insuring that all client and customer interactions handled by Integrity agents are honest, professional and in compliance with all Federal, State and local real estate guidelines, our own company Code of Ethics and those established by NVAR and NAR . 

Getting from a ratified contract to settlement can be a minefield of opportunity for things to go wrong.  Our professional agents know how emotional it can be, and how to find solutions for issues that might arise between getting a ratified contract and getting to settlement with no unpleasant surprises.

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