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Why Staging?

Staging is Important to Sellers

The most difficult transition most sellers face when deciding to sell their home is the mental transition of “this is our home,” to “this is a product for sale.” Staging is not about spending money, although sometimes it is necessary if a house is dated, it is about creating an “atmosphere” that makes buyers want to come in and make it their own.

Staging is:  Using your budget and time frame to present your home so that it will appeal to the broadest number of potential buyers, using very specific techniques designed to maximize the positive features of your home.

Staging is not about addressing your home's “condition.”  Repairs and neglected maintenance issues must be addressed first – before any staging can be done.

Once you have made the decision to put your house on the market, here’s what you need to think about:

  • Staging is NOT a critique of your personal taste in decorating – everyone has a different style
  • The way you “live” in your home and the way you “merchandise” it for sale are two very different things
  • The purpose of staging is to turn your “home” into a house, and your house into a “product” that will sell
  • If the professional stager recommends that you spend money on painting or repairs, these “up front” costs will more than pay for themselves at settlement time – not doing them will cost you time and money.  Example:  Painting is the lowest monetary investment with the highest rate of return!

The Facts:

  • Staging Works.  Staged homes sell in less time on the market and for
    more money
  • Staging Gives You An Edge in a Competitive Market. When prospective buyers have many choices, staged homes will always stand out from the rest
  • Any Up Front Costs of Staging are Worth It! Incremental costs of staging your home (painting, cleaning, removing wallpaper, etc.) will be less than the first price reduction you may have to make if it does not sell initially.  The average first price reduction when a property is not selling is 5% of the list price, average staging costs are $0 (sweat equity) to $4,000.

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